Baba Mohkamdin Allah came to Sirhind from Noni Sahib Mankala Mohalla, Lohia tehsil in Valtoha district. He became a disciple of Hazarat Khawaja Abbas Sahib. He meditated for 12 years at Ratti Khera, near Faridkot. Finally, he settled at Agwar Gujjran here. Mughal Emperor Jehangir too sought his blessings for a son. He named his son Shahjahan at the behest of Baba Mohkamdin.
This mela is held on 13th of Phalgun. Devotees from far of places visit the dargah and also of Mai Zeena situated about 500 metres from the dargah. Mai Zeena was one of the wives of Baba Mohkamdin. She served as watchman of Baba Mohkamdin during his period of meditation. Mai Zeena used to answer questions of devotees.
This fair is held in Jagraon from the 14th to the 16th of Phagun in honor of a Muslim Pir, Abdul Kader Jalani. It is held in the vicinity of his tomb. Although it is a Muslim fair in origin, the Hindus of the area also flock to the site of this shrine. Even after Partition, this fair has been held regularly. Circus, magic shows, swings were the main attraction of the historic Roshni Mela.
It is called the ‘fair of lights’ because innumerable devotees who come to visit the place light earthen lamps at the shrine of the pir. The lights are visible from long distances. It is believed that whatever wish one sincerely makes at the shrine of this pir is granted. Young people sing bolian and perform dances, thus adding to the gaiety and glamour of the fair. It is sheer delight to villagers performing dances and singing songs to the sweet strains of the flute and the one-stringed instrument called Toomba.