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Black Buck (Antelope cervicapra)
Black Buck (Antelope cervicapra)


Body Length: 100-150 cm / 3.3-5 ft.
Shoulder Height: 60-85 cm / 2-2.8 ft.
Tail Length: 10-17 cm / 4-6.8 in.
Weight: 25-35 kg / 55-77 lb.

Black Buck (Antelope cervicapra) is commonly known as “Kala Hiran” and has been declared as State Animal of Punjab vide Govt. notification No. 34/13/Ft.IV-83/6044 dated 15.3.1989. The largest population of approximately 3500 Black Bucks is conserved in Abohar Wildlife Sanctuary.

It is a species of antelope found mainly in India and is blessed with a striking color and spiral horns and looks beautiful. Both sexes have white under parts, including the insides of the legs and lower chest, as well as a white ring surrounding the eye and a white chin.

Females and young are yellowish-fawn on their back and head, and are generally hornless.

Males gradually darken from tan to deep brown or black with age, beginning after 2 years.

Black Buck likes to be in herds of 5-50 animals generally with three or fewer males. Bachelor herds are known.

On the open plain, the Blackbuck is one of the fastest land mammals, blackbuck have been clocked going in excess of 80 kmph / 48 mph. animals and can outrun most predators over long distances.

Main Predators are wolf and leopard.

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